Wild and domestic.

Dog Tired

Tired dog using a tree for a pillow.


They’re so soft.

Side-Blotched Lizards

A pair of side-blotched lizards getting ready to mate.  Males have different colors that females use to select a mate.

Mating Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers have unique courtship rituals.


Goats are one of the best features of the county fair.


The proper name is gull, bird enthusiasts can be picky.

Brown Pelican

Brown pelicans are common in Southern California.


Hungry crocodile waiting for a meal.

Painted Turtle

An Eastern painted turtle finding a sunny spot in the grass.

White-Lined Sphinx Moth

This large moth feeds on flower nectar.

Tokay Gecko

A foot long gecko found in an abandoned fort.

Bluebottle Fly

A bluebottle fly on a green leaf.

Snake in the Grass

A garter snake slithering through the lawn.

Horse Mlem

Animated GIF of a horse mleming.


Her name is Donkey and she likes to hunt.

Royal Jelly

Bees secrete royal jelly to feed the queen bee larvae.  Royal jelly is collected and sold as a dietary supplement.

Royal Jelly

Worker honey bees feed the queen bee larvae more royal jelly throughout development.

Honey Bees

Apiaries are common in Vietnam where honey bees collect pollen from coffee blossoms and other tropical flowers.

Luna Moth Caterpillar

This thing ate my tomato plant.  The Luna moth caterpillar needs a lot of food to become one of the largest moths in North America.

Golden Orb-Weaver Spider

The golden orb-weaver spider is about the size of a human hand and not dangerous.   The spider in the photo is missing a leg.

Cow Blup

Mother cow blup at the fair.

Vietnam Cow

Southern Yellow cattle are common in Vietnam.

San Diego Seals

Seals like to rest in the Southern California sunshine.  They don’t seem to mind people.

Seal Beach

Seals have most of the beach to themselves today.  I’m sure people aren’t too far away.