Maine is the most northeastern state in America.  Famous for lobster, scenic rocky coastlines and a certain horror fiction writer.   Maine is a popular summer destination for city dwellers from New York and southern New England.  Autumn leaves attract tourists called Leaf Peepers.

Bar Harbor

Looking toward Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain’s summit.  The incoming cruise ship is larger than the town and the nearby islands.

Autumn in Jackman

Jackman is a small town near the Canadian border known for great leaf peeping in Autumn, and excellent snowmobiling in the winter.

Pushaw Lake

Pushaw is a shallow lake outside of Bangor.  The swamps around the lake are home to massive snapping turtles.

Newbury Neck

Newbury Neck is a peninsula in Surry with rocky shores and iconic scenes of coastal Maine.

Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Bridge

Looking across the Penobscot River from Bucksport, the mountain behind Fort Knox is shrouded in fog.

Goddard Mansion

The Goddard Mansion was originally built in the 1850’s for local businessman John Goddard.  It was sold to the US Army in the early 1900’s to become part of Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge was completed in 2006, replacing the deteriorating Waldo-Hancock Bridge.

Moonrise over Northern Bay

The wetlands around Northern Bay has a diverse ecosystem.  Deer are regularly seen, often in the road.

Paper Mill Recreation Area

Picnic tables near a stream in the forest.  A nice place to relax.

Flour Mill Dam Rapids

This area is depicted in Stephen King’s IT as “The Barrens” in Derry. In real life, when nearby Interstate 95 was built in the 1950’s, it split the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in half, requiring workers to move many old graves.

Kenduskeag Stream

The stream flows into the Penobscot River and occasionally floods.

Tiny Pine Tree

A tiny pine tree growing out of granite.

Low Tide Granite

Exposed granite stone during low tide.


Maine has a lot of swamps, bogs and marshes.

Portland’s Old Port

Portland’s historic neighborhood, the Old Port is home to many boutique shops, restaurants, cafes and nightlife hangouts.

Bucksport at Night

One of the last views of the paper mill in operation.  Once known as Champion International Paper, it has since been demolished.

Wharf Street

Restaurants and bars are common on Wharf Street in the Old Port.  Original cobble stone pavement still lines the street.

Sea Smoke

When it gets really cold, steam rises from the sea.

Northern Bay, Penobscot

Northern Bay, on the Bagaduce River, is a tidal bay in the town of Penobscot, Maine.  All the water drains out of the bay during low tide.  It’s common to see people digging for bloodworms in the bay’s tidal flats.  Wildlife such as bald eagles, great blue herons, whitetail deer, black bears and more call this land home.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Fort Knox

The bridge is the main connection between Waldo and Hancock Counties.  It spans across the Penobscot River between the town of Prospect and Verona Island.  The tallest bridge observatory in the world is located in one of the bridge towers, accessible from nearby Fort Knox.

Thomas Hill Standpipe

The Thomas Hill Standpipe, and adjacent park, was a popular place for Stephen King to write. This inspired many scenes in IT and other works. The Standpipe was built in 1897 to regulate Bangor’s water and is still in use today. Visitors can take tours on designated dates. For more info on tours, visit


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